Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Home treatment of Injuries- Deep cuts, wounds and stitches! How to?

Are you sufferring through a deep cut , wound, infection , burn or any other injury?

Here you will find some easy and beneficial ways so that how you can treat you injury..

What to do immediately after an injury (cut/burn)??

Immediately as soon as you get a cut just try to wash the wounded area with the help of cold water. After washing the area wipe it with a little cotton applied with antiseptic solution like beta-dine, cetramide  or any other antiseptic cream. And cover the area with a bandage tape.

How often and when do I change my dressing?

You should change your dressing within 2 days of the first dressing. Otherwise the dressing will stuck to the injury and you may spend hard time treating the wound. Don't touch the area with bare hands and don't apply cosmetic creams.

What to do if i have got injury on my elbow joint or my foot joint?

Joints are much painful and take much time then other areas to heal. Because of  the regular movement joints require much time to heal properly. The best way to quickly get relief from joint pains and to avoid the long treatment is to keep your leg and hand straight all the time so that there is no bending and by this you will be able to heal it fast.

Unbearable pain on the wound , cut, injury?? What to do?

To treat the pain you can take pain relieving pills like ibroufin, declafam, aclafam (Please consult your physician first). Drink plenty of water and take a good diet. This will help you recover fast. Taking good sleep is a must and good way to recover quickly. 

Monday, 8 April 2013

Changing Hairstyle For Summers! Long or Short Hairs

What hairstyle do you want for Summers?

Few days ago I thought of having a haircut and it put me in a difficult situation rather to keep hairs short or long. Then after a lot discussion with my hair dresser I decided to keep short hairs. I don't advice you to do the same as it depends on your face type and complexion rather your face and body will suit a particular hairstyle or not. For me Short Hairs suit the best as I  am skinny and I don't like my face hidden of the flattering style. Even long hairs needs a lot care to be taken that i can't.

If you are Fat faced then you should follow a style that can make your face a little slimmer. Keeping hairs overs face also hides your chubby cheeks and sometimes help hide your pimples acne too.
Girls between the age of 18-27 are more worried about their hairstyle then rest of the age group as they want to appear sexy and slim.
Hair Straightening and Rebonding is a common trend now in India which has changed the trend from long hairs in India now to medium and not too long styles. Either if you want to flaunt your boyfriend, crush or your classmate. Hairs are really important that you should give importance to. Sometimes your hairstyle can leave a good impression to others view. You can get a hair treatment if you feel your hair are too long or too short. There are hair treatment available for short hairs too.

Type of Hairstyles For College Girls: 

Open Hairs With Waves:

 Short hairs with waves look cool as well as attractive on slim college girls. You don't need to take much care and even it absorbs grease to keep you look fresh and jolly.

Layered Hairstyles:

These also look sexy and keeps you unique. Layered hairstyle needs to much care to be taken of and requires a lot conditioning and it also help in maintaining a charm without having too much of adjustments.

Curly Hairs:

 Curly Hairs Suit only a few girls. If you are someone who don't care about managing their hairs all the time. Curly hairs need deep conditioning and sometimes a dry blow too. If you are too young and slimy curly hairs will suit you but doesn't suit good on fat and tummy girls.

Pixie Haircut:

 Pixie style is a lot appealing but it doesn't suit each and every face shape. If your hairs are short and you have a triangular face cut than you must try pixie style, it can be a new experience you can even try on spiky look if you are thing of pixie style. If your face is triangular it will suit you the best and will feature your best qualities.

Straight Hairs:

 Straight hairs look the best if you have slim face and have attractive figure. Straight hairs are always versatile to bring your facial qualities. Straight hairs do need a lot care and needs to keep the layers strong and balanced.

Bob Hairstyle:

 Bob hairstyles have been the trendiest and most attractive . Bob hairstyles have been very popular in celebrities and are suggested the best for summers. If you have a little chinese or south asian face cut then this type of hairstyle will suit you the best and will bring a glow to your face.

How To Avoid Tanning In Sun During Summers

Ways to Fight tanning In Summers

Today I wanted to go out with my friends for a joy session to hangout around the city and suddenly a thought of the hot weather out striked my mind. Its really so much pain bearing the pinching sun rays on your skin. Tanning and sunburns are most common in summers.

Summers arrived so arrive the worries about the heat and the extreme temperature as you leave your house. 
This trouble of hot season out to set new records is not new. We have been using many products on our skin to prevent tanning and sunburns. But these products most of the times prove out to be of no use.

Top Tanning Preventive measures are:

  • So the better method of safety is to use Cotton Scarf or Tippet.Scarf covers your face completely and it helps preventing the UV rays to be absorbed by your skin which later results in skin problems like sunburns or tanning.
  • Another thing is to use big size sunglasses to prevent your eyes, lash lines and cheeks from wrinkling and getting bad complexion.
  • Sunscreens are good but they just prove out next to nothing sometimes. Best sunscreens that you can apply depend on your skin type and complexion because its not just only about the numbers. Gel or water  based sunscreens are suggested to be used by girls with oily-skins. For Indian skin SPF 15 is recommended as it is successfully proven protective for Indian girls who have sensitive skin. It is suggested to apply the sunscreen just 10-15 minutes before leaving your house. For girls with dry skin moisture is the important thing to maintain moisturizer SPF is suggested. 
  • Summers bring stress with lot of sweat. Are you getting excessive sweat?
  • Do not worry if sweating is the reason behind your stress as sweating is a healthy think upto some extent. If you are getting too much of sweat drink a lot of water and keep note of your sleep hours. Have Shower two to three times a day and keep your body at low temperature.
  • If the conditions go beyond control better is to leave your laptop and meet a skin specialist.
  • Always keep a bottle of cold water with you. As our body has 60 percent water of our total body net weight.  Drink plenty of water to keep your skin normal. 
  • Breathing exercises and yoga are the best practice above all the remedies listed above to keep the body calm and cool so the recommended practice is to do prayanama and kapalbhati at least once a day. Meditation also keeps the skin and body relaxed and stress free.
  • You can find these yoga asanas on you tube.